Don’t cover it up! 

A Silly Frolicsome Girl

Hello everyone!

Today, let’s talk about Makeup! Shallwe?

I absolutely love makeup, see for yourself! I have loved makeup since I was a child. I follow a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers, and watch a lot of make up routines and tutorials on YouTube every now and then.So I do know a thing or two about it.

Audrey Hepburn rightly said , “on a bad day, there is always lipstick” right girls?

For me makeup is not just something you put on to look prettier, it is something which adds to your look , is a statement in it self. It has been with us ever since women wanted to look pretty, forever right? If a smokey eye can transform a girl next door to a stylish diva, why not? If a shade of red lipstick gives you the confidence to go and rock your stage…

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Procrastination Revelation 

Sauce Box

So, my assignment is due in a week? 

Great, I have plenty of time.

My assignment is due in five days.

Awesome, I’ll get started on it over the weekend.

My assignment is due in three days.

It’s Friday, I can’t do homework on a Friday! I’ll do a little of it tomorrow and finish the rest on Sunday.

My assignment is due in three days.

Well, it is Saturday… I’ll hit the bars with the guys tonight and then spend all day on it tomorrow.

My assignment is due tomorrow. 

I have all day to do it. I’m gonna hang out, maybe watch the game, then bust it out tonight.

My assignment is still due tomorrow and it’s getting late.

Did I go to the gym today? Maybe I should do that. My room is pretty dirty, maybe I’ll clean that. I mean, I could probably watch…

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Expectations and explanations

Both changing with the wind.

Both a disappointment.

Just words, so many useless words.

They are stubborn and painful,

Mostly mine.

I’m tired, world weary tired.

It’s all too confusing, too many games,

Too many rules and players.

Too much thought.

Leave it all behind

Drop the thoughts,

Don’t believe them

They are not real.

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Love’s Lessons


Life’s lessons come softly in the

Darkness before dawn.

Like leaves emerging in silence,

Unfolding in trust.

A trust that  love

Is real and the unfolding worth the risk.

Although risk is sometimes all there is,

The risk of loving is pain but the risk of not loving is also pain.

My belief in love, trust and tenderness is strong in my soul.

It is the tenderness that lingers in the last kiss goodnight,

In the full moon’s sliver puddles on the bed sheets at midnight,

In the early morning’s sweet touching and

In the smile that wears the knowing of that early morning touch

All day long.

I have come to know and understand that life’s lessons are love’s lessons,

Sometimes harsh in their honesty but always right when spoken in truth.

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stop hoping for something you know will never happen

Once you ended something. There’s no 100% assurance that it will still be the same as what it was before.

First, cut off contact from everything that gives you hope. Stick to it. After a minimum of 40 days the brain is proven to get out of a habit. So don’t go running back to look at or talk to or hear anything that will delude you to hope.

Second, keep yourself busy in other aspects of life. Do what you love; meditate, work out to a happy playlist, learn new skills. If the blues come back continually, and they do, don’t look back. Read comfort books. Watch comfort videos like TED talks and tv series. Cosmos can help you realise that one’s worries are small in universal perspective. Improve yourself for your own satisfaction and believe that you are not incomplete without that event/object/subject you were hoping for.

Once you are emotionally stable and healed out of vicious thought cycles, embrace the alternative of what you were hoping for. For example, if you want to get over someone, start seeing someone new. Don’t be harsh on yourself: see someone only if you like them. I think it’s a sensible idea to not waste someone else’s time to heal yourself.

Break up with the old you


Have you ask yourself even just once for a while? “Am I really okay? Am I happy with what I am doing?  Am I just going to settle for less?

You have to live a happy life. That’s what you deserve.

You must not hate yourself and rather focus on how to bring out the best of you.

Not everyone will like you, and also not everyone will hate you.

“Know your worth. Know the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve”